Airpods Case: Why Can’t it Charge ?

Airpods Case: Why Can't it Charge ?


There might be several causes. We dissect and help troubleshoot some of the most frequent causes of an AirPods case not charging in this tutorial. But sometimes there are problems that just can’t be fixed, which is why The Gadget Outfit provides an extensive selection of fashionable AirPods case covers for every version so you can keep your earbuds safe.

3 Reason

Your AirPods might not be charging or receiving the necessary boost for a number of reasons. We’ve broken down some of the most frequent causes below along with their fixes so you can check your device and get it working again.


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  1. The Charging Post Might Be Unclean 

Particularly if you regularly tuck them into your pockets or discard them at the bottom of a backpack, the external charging port can gather a lot of dirt and debris. Therefore, make sure that this isn’t the reason why the case of your AirPods isn’t charging by cleaning the charging port as well.

To make sure there is no more damage, find out how to safely and correctly clean the charging wire and the case of your AirPods. Even worse is the possibility of your case shorting circuiting if it gets wet. Next, check to see if the AirPods case can be charged by connecting your charging wire once more.

2. You are using a defective charger or cable.

A simple power source interruption could be the cause of your iPod case not charging. Make careful to look for any damage on the USB cord and charger you are using. Try charging your AirPods case again using a different USB lightning cable, your laptop, or other device ports if nothing evident seems wrong. You never know; your USB cable can lose its strength due to internal damage from continuous use. Try the subsequent steps if using a different cable still doesn’t result in a charge.

3. Its Software Not Your

If there’s nothing wrong with your charger or USB connection and the pins on your charging port seem clean, there might be a software problem. This may happen if you haven’t updated your AirPods automatically in a while by connecting them to an iPhone, iPad, or other device. Fortunately, fixing this charging issue just calls for a quick firmware update. This is how you do it:

Reinstall the AirPods into the charging case, then shut the cover. After that, attach it to a power supply. After that, align the case of your AirPods with your associated device—an iPad, iPhone, etc.—to give any updates that were missed time to install.

Resetting your AirPods can also be necessary if they are still not charging. It’s a last resort, however, as your favourite settings will be lost. Locate the setup button by looking at the rear of the AirPods case. After that, give it a 15-second hold and press. Eventually, a light flash from amber to white should appear, signaling that the casing has returned to its original configuration. Finally, see whether there is a charge.


Airpod Case Not Charging ? Purchase a New Case

Have you run out of options? whether you want to see whether they can identify and resolve the problem, you may always take it to an Apple store. If it’s still under warranty, you can always obtain a replacement if they can’t fix it! If not, it could be time to purchase a fresh charging case for your AirPods. If your earphones are still functional, you can purchase a replacement case, however regrettably, AirPods charging cases cannot be fixed.

A variety of AirPods case covers are available from The Gadget Outfit to shield your headphones and case from dings, scratches, and other mishaps. You may keep the charging port free of dirt and debris by attaching it to a keychain, belt loop, or external part using a circular ring clip. Select the AirPods Pro case covers that support wireless charging.

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