Does the iPhone 13 Case Fit the iPhone 14 Case?

Does the iPhone 13 Case Fit the iPhone 14 Case?

Compatibility between iPhone 13 & 14 Cases

If you’ve invested in a new iPhone 14  yet want the best protection possible, you need to know if your old case will work with it. Even while the previous case could appear to function initially, modifications to its features and size might make it inoperable. So, by being aware of the variations between the various iPhone models available today, you can prevent needless damage to your device.

Can an iPhone 13 case be used with an iPhone 14?

Throwing away a perfectly good phone case will seem like a waste of money to many; to those who care about the environment, it will seem like it’s contributing more to the problem of plastic waste than is required. Fortunately, even though the iPhone 14 is 0.01 inches thicker than the previous 13, most of the time an old 13 cover will fit a newer 14. Because the thickness of the two designs is so slight—both feature a 6.1-inch display screen and stand 5.78 inches tall—most iPhone 13 cases will fit an iPhone 14. But that relies on the particular accessory.

The location and dimensions of the power and volume buttons are another minor alteration Apple has made to the designs. If this feature was included in your older 13-case design, it won’t work with the updated model. Buying the best iPhone 14 covers could be your best option if you want the best protection possible for your phone, since you will need a protector that is 100% compatible.

Fits iPhone 14 Pro with an iPhone 13 Pro case?

The older 13 Pro and the newer 14 Pro may appear to be so identical to the unaided eye that the cases will fit like a glove. That isn’t the reality, though. The dimensional changes aren’t great, but they’re nevertheless noticeable enough to require a new shield. Compared to the previous Pro model, the new 14 Pro is 0.01 inches wider, 0.01 inches deeper, and 0.03 inches taller. The modification made to the camera is among the main causes of the incompatibility. Older cases won’t fit the Pro 14 model, despite the fact that the new camera is a great feature for users.

It’s not the end of the world; embrace the transition as a chance to discover a new case and style that suit you, and make sure you know if it’s MagSafe compatible. Additionally, if at all feasible, donate your old case or get it disposed of by a professional recycling business.

iPhone 13 Max Case Fit an iPhone 14 Max

Regretfully, no. The iPhone 14 Max, like earlier iterations, boasts a redesigned camera to improve captivating photo chances. That being said, this design modification will render your previous 13 Max case incompatible. Apple made further size adjustments in addition to the camera modification, giving the updated 14 Max less height and width but more depth. Even though these modifications are slight, they are ineffective when attempting to fit a newer model within the casing of an earlier model.

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