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Luxury Cases For iPhone 15 In 2023

Luxury Cases For iPhone 15 In 2023

Luxury Cases For iPhone 15

Preorders for Apple’s iPhone 15 series are currently being accepted, and deliveries could start as soon as this Friday, Sept. 22, though they’re currently slated to arrive in October. Now is an excellent time to look for a new luxury cases to preserve your new iPhone 15, whether your order comes next week or you have to wait a few weeks. We’ve compiled some of the top cases for Apple’s iPhone 15 series that we could discover. The likelihood is that if you order now, it will arrive before your iPhone.

Lazy Dog iPhone Stand Case

Particularly since the introduction of MagSafe, Apple’s Clear Case has taken on a certain legendary status among iPhone users. MagSafe is supported by the clear cover, which makes this evident by emphasizing the magnet ring on the back of the iPhone 15 with a white circle and line. Apple revised the casing for the iPhone 15 series, as is only natural.

Totallee Thin iPhone 15 Case

Since I last used one of Totallee’s Thin cases a few years ago, I assume they have only become better with every new iPhone model. They are super thin cases that almost don’t feel like they are there, yet they give your phone an additional layer of security. For the iPhone 15, Totallee offers six various hues, including entirely clear and frosted clear. This case is for you if you don’t particularly enjoy cases but still want more peace of mind.

Nomad Modern Leather Cases

The Modern Leather Case and Modern Leather Folio from Nomad, which both use Horween leather in black or rustic brown, are a nod to history while Apple may be abandoning leather cases. Alternatively, you could choose to spend less money by purchasing the Nomad regular leather option in black, brown, or English tan. Nomad’s leather cases have a reputation for being well-constructed, and with time and use, the leather develops a wonderful patina.

Mujjo Shield Case for iPhone 15 Pro

Another business that has consistently provided a premium leather case is Mujjo, and this year is no exception. The Mujjo Shield Case is made of leather, but it doesn’t appear to be a traditional leather case; rather, it appears to be a protective case with a leather back panel, at least on the corners. Additionally, it is approved to shield your phone from drops up to 15 feet. However, it appears that it is only compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. It is available in steel blue or black.

Rokform Rugged Case

The Rugged Case by Rokform appears to be durable. To hold your MagSafe accessories and devices in place, the all-black case incorporates extra-strong Magmax Magnets. It also has Rokform’s Roklock twist lock system, which enables you to attach the phone to a variety of mounts and accessories, including the handlebars of a bike or the vents of a car.

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