The best Apple Watches of 2023

The best Apple Watches of 2023

Best Apple Watch overall

The finest Apple Watches include features like long-lasting batteries, exercise and sleep tracking, and more. Here are our top choices after testing the vehicles. The Apple Watches has established itself as the gold standard for wearable technology, and the introduction of the Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and updated Apple Watch SE last autumn brought even more advanced health-tracking features for tracking heart health, body temperature, sleep patterns, and other cycle-tracking activities. Additionally, fall and crash detection functions are supported by the improved sensors and processors, enabling users to call emergency services even without instant phone access.

However, is a modern Apple Watch the best option for your wrist? Based on our own hands-on testing with the models and consideration of health tracking features, app compatibility, watch face size, and wrist band options, we’ve picked together the top Apple Watch models now available to help you make your decision. Our top recommendation for an Apple Watches is the Series 8, but we also considered models from earlier iterations and more expensive options.

Apple Watch Series 8

The watch face has plenty of strength to withstand ordinary wear and tear as well as the occasional mishap thanks to the case’s 100% recycled aerospace-grade metal construction. The Series 8 also places a strong emphasis on health features, including an integrated ECG and heart sensor that may provide feedback on your heart rate, rhythm, and even blood oxygen levels to help you monitor your general health and immediately address any unforeseen problems. It also aids in women’s health issues by allowing you to more precisely track your cycle so you can talk to your doctor about any problems.

Apple Watch Ultra

The best Apple Watches of 2023Specs for the Apple Watch Ultra: functions include the toughest Apple Watch ever, a titanium case and sapphire crystal, improved safety and health functions, and dual-frequency GPS. Display Size: 49mm; Battery Life: 60 Hours; Storage Capacity: 32GB. A completely new version of the wristwatch, the Apple Watch Ultra was created from the ground up to handle the most difficult outdoor conditions you can find. With a sapphire crystal front for added durability, the case is crafted of aerospace-grade titanium and can withstand anything from normal wear and tear to extreme weather conditions. The Apple Watch Ultra includes enhanced GPS capabilities, utilizing dual-frequency tracking technology to provide you accurate position information even in mountainous terrain, in addition to all of the updated health and safety features that the Series 8 introduced.

The watch is an excellent option for divers, snorkeling aficionados, and competitive swimmers because it is rated for water resistance up to 100 meters (328 feet) and scuba diving up to 40 meters (131 feet). The Apple Watch Ultra’s MIL-STD-810H robustness allows it to withstand shocks, prolonged vibrations, high altitudes, temperatures as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius), and temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius).

Apple Watch SE

Additionally, it includes Apple’s enhanced health tracking, which enables you to monitor your heart rate, rhythm, and even blood oxygen levels so you can talk to your doctor about any problems or treat any sudden symptoms. Additionally, tracking your sleep can help you obtain more restful sleep by providing precise information about your daily routines and habits.

Apple Watch Hermès

The best Apple Watches of 2023 Specs for the Hermès Apple Watch: Features: Stylish and high-quality bands, special Hermès watch faces, and case etchings on display. Display size: 41mm or 45mm. Battery life: 36 hours (in Low Power mode). Storage: 32GB. For fashionistas wishing to really splash out on a designer smartwatch, the Apple Watch Hermès is a stylish choice. Although the actual watch is an Apple Watch Series 8, you’ll get special Hermès watch faces and various casing etchings. The Hermès bands, like as the H Diagonal bands that display the recognizable Hermès “H” through micro perforations in the leather, are what you are actually paying for. There are many chic bands to pick from, including the Hermès Sport Band in characteristic orange and the Gourmets Metal Double Tour band.

Apple Watch Series 7

The best Apple Watches of 2023 Specs for the Apple Watches Series 7: 41mm or 45mm for the display; up to 18 hours of battery life; 32GB of storage; large display; health-focused functions; and water, dust, and fracture resistance. This is a great choice if you don’t need the most recent features and want to spend less money. A significant plus if you’re health-conscious is that the Series 7 allows you to monitor your blood oxygen, conduct an ECG, and analyze your sleep in addition to the typical smartwatch functionality (such sending/receiving messages and tracking your steps). Additionally, it is resistant to dust, water, and cracks, so you can use it during even the most strenuous exercises.

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