What is MagSafe

What is MagSafe

MagSafe wireless charging revolutionizes our fast-paced digital world’s approach to device powering. We’ll explore the world of MagSafe wireless charging in this post, including what it is, which devices support it, and how it operates.

MagSafe Wireless Charing

MagSafe, a game-changer in the wireless charging space, is renowned for its capacity to stably supply a charge via magnetic connectors. When the technology was introduced during the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Apple designed it and registered a trademark for it. The goal was to enable smartphone owners to quickly and reliably charge their devices. Both MagSafe and Qi are regarded as dependable high-speed wireless charging methods by the Wireless Power collaboration, an international technological collaboration. Check out our Wireless Chargers and Power Stations to get started on your wireless charging journey right now!

How is it Work

It’s not quite as difficult to charge a MagSafe as some people may believe. With this technique, energy is transferred from a coil within your MagSafe-compatible device to the battery of your phone via electromagnetic induction. By connecting to magnets, this coil ensures the perfect alignment for the least amount of energy loss. As a result of this process, energy is lost as heat, so you can notice a tiny increase in temperature while your phone charges. Make sure you are using a wireless charger that has received MFI certification if you encounter this problem. Investing in a new MFI (Made for iPhone) wireless charger can guarantee optimal alignment and minimize notable energy loss.

What Device Use it

Apple invented the MagSafe technology, which was unveiled with the iPhone 12 series. Ever since, MagSafe has been upgraded and added to every new iPhone release. The most recent device to disclose the use of Qi2 wireless charging—an upgraded form of Qi wireless charging—as well as Mag was the iPhone 15.

MagSafe Wireless Charging Available on Current iPhone

Available Series

  1. iPhone 12 Series
  2. iPhone 13 Series
  3. iPhone 14 Series
  4. iPhone 15 Series

What Else Can Do ?

Accessories is the solution. We enjoy showcasing the use of magnets in our new line of accessories, MagSafe Phone Cases! To improve your grip when texting, making calls, and taking photos, Ring Stands and Loop Grips attach to the rear of your MagSafe-compatible case using powerful built-in magnets. Do you like to go without your handbag and wallet? You can safely carry your IDs, cash, and credit cards on the back of your phone with a Mag Wallet. Your new go-to going-out look is complete when you pair it with your favorite case!

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